Surely Temples™

A sunken, hollow skeletal appearance never flatters anyone, so if your temples look like they’ve been scooped out with a melon baller, it’s probably time to think about a refill.  The temples are one of the most neglected areas on the face, all the love is given to the lips or cheeks but nothing can impart a youthful appearance like a soft, well contoured eye area.  Refilling the temple hollowing that comes from the years melting away can instantly lift the lateral brow, re-contour the upper face and help support and lift the midface.  Dermal filler added to this highly skilled area typically lasts 9-15 months depending on numerous biological factors.  Pop by Skinjectables and let one of our Expert Bartenders have a looksy…..just say “Filler’ Up!”

Surely Temples™- $950 (2ml of dermal filler)