What are the two best anti-aging protocols you recommend for Tucson residents?

The two best anti-aging protocols (both include avoiding stressors such as smoking and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol)-  I’m a huge fan of tretinoin based products such as Retin-A or it’s derivatives like Retinol.  Even in sun soaked destinations such as Arizona, if used properly and in the right amount and concentration, tretinoin based products do wonders for lessening the appearance of sun damage, evening out texture and tone, regulating skin moisture, minimizing fine lines, stimulating collagen and combatting acne.  I also like smoothing ingredients like glycolic acid for improving the overall appearance of the skin, minimizing pores, moisturizing the skin and creating a youthful glow.  For clients with sensitivities to these ingredients or more intolerant skin, I carry a pharmaceutical grade grade Dermatology product line that is based on proven botanicals and powerful antioxidants to achieve similar results without the irritation that can be experienced with traditional tretinoin or glycolic acid based products.  I’m also a minimalist, I don’t have time to be using 5-6 products at night or the equivalent in the morning either.  I try to stick to regimens for myself and my clients that involve 3 steps or 4 at the most, so every step has to count and pack a punch.  It’s not just about making the skin appear better, it’s about improving the skin health as well….healthy, nourished skin looks better, performs better and reacts better to environmental insults and stressors.  Lastly, any good skin care regiment will conclude with sunscreen- without it, everything up to that point is a waste!

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