Meet The Bartender: Shanasue Shallenbarger RN, Master Level Injector

Meet The Bartender: Shanasue Shallenbarger RN, Master Level Injector

Our staff, or as we like to call them, “bartenders” are what makes our business so special. We’re a family. We love to have fun and we love making our customers feel like they are part of the family, as well. So when we bring on a new staff member, it’s someone who we really believe in and who we know is going to deliver exceptional customer experience. 

On that note, we’d like to introduce you to one of our Master Level Injectors, Shanasue Shallenbarger. 

As a native Tucsonan, Shanasue graduated from the U of A and then went on to pursue a career in nursing after attending the University of Phoenix where she received her RN designation. She joined Skinjectables with over 8 years of clinical nursing experience in such areas as Urgent Care, Plastic Surgery, and Emergency medicine.

As Shanasue was able to perfect her aesthetic skills, she became certified in advanced injection techniques and as a Master Level Injector. As a result, Shanasue is adept at delivering the exceptional results Skinjectables is known for, with a gentle, finely tuned hand. 

Her focus on natural looking outcomes and conservative, detail oriented recommendations are why her clients return to Skinjectables to seek her anti-aging intervention.  You can find Shanasue at our Green Valley location on the third Wednesday of every month where she serves up Botox, fillers and B12 bomber shots always with a smile!

Visit Skinjectables at 4330 N Campbell Ave – Ste 234, Tucson Arizona or give us a call at (520) 395-1245 to set up an appointment with Shanasue.