Give Your Skin A Rest With This Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Give Your Skin A Rest With This Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Beauty rest is NOT overrated. A lack of sleep can take a toll on your skin and can speed up the aging process. When you sleep, the skin repairs itself. Cutting your sleep short can cause the blood vessels under your eyes to dilate and dark circles to form. 

While a good night’s rest is important, it’s not the only factor in sustaining that youthful glow. A great nighttime skin care routine goes a long way, too! Here’s what we suggest for those looking to get started with an effective skin care regimen. 

Get A Good Night’s Cleanse

Always, always, always take off your makeup at night! Great skin starts with a clean slate and removing your makeup resets your skin’s surface for all the nutrients you are about to deliver it. Give your face a good cleanse with a sulfate and paraben free product. Our Elixir Rx Sangria Revitalizing Cleanser is hydrating, gentle, and contains a rich anti-aging peptide complex perfect for clearing impurities from your skin. 

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Boost With A Pro-Collagen Serum 

Skin’s collagen production slightly increases at night, early in the sleep cycle. Give it an extra boost with a pro-collagen serum. Elixir Rx’s EVERCLEAR Hyaluronic Acid is clinically proven to deliver equivalent results to one injection of collagen stimulating filler in just two weeks of use. 

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Smooth Wrinkles With An Anti-Aging Treatment

We all want skin as soft as the pillow our head rests on at night, right? A good anti-aging night cream will help smooth out those wrinkles and leave your skin feeling baby soft. If you are looking for a truly advanced formula that will fade brown spots too, try our Triple Sec Anti-Aging Night Treatment. It assists in the diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and deep creases, while also lighting skin for a more luminous look. 

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Take Your Vitamins

Straight up…your mother wasn’t kidding when she said taking your vitamins was good for you.  If you’re not quite ready for the potency of our Triple Sec, try our Straight Up retinol cream, our proprietary trans-epidermal carrier that delivers Vitamin C and D straight to the deepest layers of your skin. It stimulates cellular regeneration and elastin production, which improves tone and texture. 

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One of the most important steps in any skin regimen is using a good barrier repair moisturizer. Keeping your skin protected and hydrated helps it recover from dryness, water loss, and sun damage. We love our Parched Recovery Cream because it restores skin barrier function which helps skin maintain its natural structure. On top of that, it significantly aids the skin in recovering after exposure to stress and increases the skin’s moisture level by 150%, after 24 hours.  Looking for an even richer, more luxurious anti-aging moisturizer?  Try our What A Lush- a thick, nourishing cream that goes on like butter:)

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Get Some Shut Eye

Last but not least, treat your under eye area with a repair or anti-aging cream. A good product helps in the defense against dark circles and puffiness. Elixir Rx’s Eye Opener Eye Repair Cream is chalk full of peptides and vitamins that promote collagen growth. On the surface, Eye Opener contains light minerals that provide an immediate anti-inflammatory response. It also reinforces firmness and tone, resulting in a brighter, fresher looking eyes. 

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Just like our recommended morning skin care routine, every one has different skin care needs. Consult with one of our practitioners to suggest products based on your skin type. 

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