Filler Finale: Nonsurgical Nose Jobs, Jawlines Redefined, Elegant Earlobes, & Helping Hands

So you now know that you can use dermal fillers to perk up that pout, get rid of creasing around the mouth and nose, get goddess-like cheekbones, fill in those temples, and finally look like you actually got some sleep by getting rid of those troublesome bags under your eyes. We’ve done so much already, there couldn’t possibly be more…right? Wrong! There’s so much more! Today, we’ll talk about some of some less popular but (obviously!) very effective treatments you can add to your anti-aging arsenal.

First, a procedure that is becoming more popular and maybe you’ve heard of it already: adding filler to the jawline. Adding a little bit of filler to the jawline can have a few different effects; it can soften up a severe line and add a little bit of youthful volume, and it can help fill in and pull those pesky pre-jowls up. We did a little lift on Kerri by adding filler closer to the back of her jawline pulling up her pre-jowls and redefining her jawline. Check out her results:


And a few more examples just to give you a better idea…

juvederm-ba-40s niciprzedipo



In our Perfect Pout post, we talked about hitting the nasal labial folds near your nose, but did you know we can place filler in your nose to change the shape, reduce the appearance of a crooked or dented bridge, and give a little lift to the front for a more upturned look?! That’s right, a nonsurgical nose job! Just to be PERFECTLY CLEAR though, this is an augmentation procedure—meaning we ADD VOLUME to the area. If you want your nose to be smaller, fillers won’t do the job; you need a surgeon.

This procedure is great, too, for anyone who has already had a nose job but might not be completely thrilled with the results and doesn’t want to have to go back under the knife for a full repair.




If you’ve had your ears pierced forever and love to wear dangly, heavy earrings, you know that as you get older, your lobes start to sag. Those earrings coupled with aging and loss of collagen really do a number on your ear lobes and, though often overlooked, this can be a very obvious sign of aging. Lucky for you, we can fix that too! A little bit of filler in the lobe and POOF! The added volume makes your lobes look less saggy and deflated and your earrings will probably stay put a little better now!



We’ve talked a lot about what fillers can do for your face, but there are other things on our bodies that can exhibit signs of aging. The hands are one of these places! Because the skin on top is so thin already, when we lose volume in that area, they tend to get very bony and sinewy looking. As we talked about before, collagen production reduces in our bodies every year and our hands aren’t immune to this loss. Or, maybe, you have naturally bony and veiny hands and you’re looking to pump up the volume a little. Dermal fillers to the rescue!

This procedure is nearly painless and really fast. Filler is injected into a few areas of your hand then it is massaged out evenly between those bones. This results in the skin on the back of the hands appearing tighter and bones and veins being less prominent.



There you have it! It’s really amazing what these dermal fillers can do to help counteract the effects of aging and get you looking as young and vibrant as you feel. We believe that feeling beautiful is being beautiful and that’s always our goal here at Skinjectables. We pride ourselves not only on our technical skills but our artistry as well. Your happiness and satisfaction is what we strive for every day and dermal fillers are one way we can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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