Course Description: BOTOX101

Client: Am I receiving Botox that has been diluted?

Katie: In a nutshell, yes! Everyone who receives a Botox treatment receives one that has been diluted. Before your feathers get all ruffled, we will explain. Botox arrives to the clinic directly from the manufacturer, Allergan, in a glass vial that must be kept frozen. Inside the glass vial is the frozen goodness called Botox, present as a powder residue. This powder must be made into a liquid before it can be injected into the muscles that cause those nasty little lines of expression. This is accomplished by the practitioner adding a small amount of saline to the powdered vial. The amount of saline varies clinic to clinic but at Skinjectables, we use the recommended dilution rate suggested by Allergan which is 2.5cc saline. Once the Botox has been reconstituted, it can be injected and the process of muscle relaxation can begin!

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