Botox 103

Client: Am I getting real or fake Botox?

Katie: In recent years it has become common from many clinics to acquire their Botox from alternative sources outside the U.S. because the cost to the practice is significantly less than ordering from the U.S. Allergan source. This so called “faux tox” is most likely the real deal, sourced from Allergan’s foreign manufacturing plants in countries such as Ireland, France or even Turkey. So, the issue most frequently isn’t that it is not authentic Botox, but rather the efficacy of the product. Because Botox has to kept frozen at specific temperatures at all times, it arrives from the U.S. Allergan facility on dry ice within a few hours of the order. This assures that the neurotoxin is predictably effective. When clinics import their Botox from other countries, there is absolutely no way to guarantee that it has remained frozen based upon the number of stops it must make before arriving to the U.S. Thawing and then refreezing renders the product less effective, if even effective at all. Then there is that pesky little detail that importation is illegal since neurotoxins are technically only available through prescription. Skinjectables uses the real McCoy….U.S. produced and shipped Botox directly from U.S. based Allergan!

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