Believe it or not!

Believe it or Not

We’re giving Ripley’s a run for their money with these little known, highly kept secrets for unusual cosmetic injectable uses! For the curious at heart try these for a laugh or maybe you’re dying to try something new (we won’t judge). And, let’s be honest, if it’s on this list…. we’ve done it!

1. Botox for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) – Pit stains no more!! Feel free to raise your arms to the roof and dance the night away without offending those closest to you (once the Botox kicks in)!

2. Injectable Rhinoplasty – Poor Pinnochio needed a lil help with his honker! Even out a crooked nose or prominent dorsal hump with dermal filler.

3. Sagging Ear Lobes – Grandma’s clip on earrings . . . need we say more!? Plump ’em back up ladies and your earrings will once again dazzle like a disco ball.

4. Bony Hands – Hands that give you flashbacks of Tales From The Crypt?
Re-volumize with dermal filler to diminish the appearance of veins and tendons.

5. Lip Vanity – That’s right, we said it! Dermal filler can restore the volume down under. Plump up those lips (and we’re not talking about the ones on your face)!

6. “Ropey” Neck Bands – If your neck has been resembling the string section of an orchestra – Botox might be music to your ears!

7. Wrinkly Toes? Don’t hide those little piglets under the blanket, add a smidge of dermal filler to create feet worthy of a fetish!

8. Downturned Nasal Tip? -Even though your mother said it’s not nice, let’s turn that nose up with a little help from Botox.

9. Gummy Smiles – Not just referring to Grandpa Earl who has a jar of his teeth on the nightstand! If you’re longing to show off your pearly whites without revealing more pink than a Mary Kay Cadillac- Just a few units of Botox to your rescue!

10. Flattened or Inverted Nipples – Dermal filler can help you turn those headlights on high-beam indefinitely!

11. Chicken Pox or Acne Scars – Hail damage is for roofs not faces!! Fill in those dents with dermal filler and leave the spackle for your walls.