Kybella in Tucson, Arizona

Skinjectables® of Tucson now offers Kybella, a non-invasive, injectable treatment that targets and destroys fat that is stored under the chin and in the neck area.  With minimal downtime, non-invasive Kybella can reduce that double chin and sculpt your jawline permanently!

FDA approved Kybella is ideal for patients with moderate to severe chin fullness who are looking to sculpt their jaw line but who aren’t interested in more invasive procedures. Kybella is performed as a series of typically 3-6 treatments spaced 6-12 weeks apart.  The majority of patients experience outstanding results after a few treatments with a minority requiring the series of six. Each treatment takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete with most people returning to their day immediately following their Kybella treatment.  The most significant common side effects following treatment with Kybella are moderate swelling lasting a few to several days, bruising, numbness, tenderness, and nodules which resolve over time.

What is Kybella?  Kybella is a solution of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring bile salt in our bodies that is responsible for breaking down and absorbing fat. When injected, Kybella permanently destroys fat cells, targeting and liquefying subcutaneous fat which is then eliminated naturally from your body. Once treated, fat cells are eliminated and thus no longer accumulate and store fat—giving you a sculpted jawline.  Additionally, unlike other treatments which can leave the skin around the chin and neck loose and hanging, Kybella stimulates local collagen production—which, in turn, shrinks and tightens skin.