Plant powered skincare: SKIN2SKIN products pack a powerful plant-based punch!

Skin2Skin topical skin care products utilize plant stem cells which are safe, beneficial and so versatile that one single cell can regenerate an entire plant. Plant stem cells produce proactive essential substances such as amino acids, lipids, carbon hydrates, minerals, and anti-oxidants. This set of molecules act together with main active compounds in a synergetic way, as Skin 2 Skin skincare products do, contributing to strengthening cell activity and renewal. They marry well to human cells for regeneration and are very beneficial to the dermis.   Improvement with the first application of these plant-powered products can be seen in the texture of the skin which becomes smoother, softer and with improved hydration. Within 15 to 45 days you will see a noticeable difference in a more healthy youthful appearance. These products are a perfect compliment to injections as they work to enhance and possibly extend the results of your injections.  Skin2Skin even has an alternative product to Botox injections in their “Unwrinkle Forehead & Crow’s Feet”  cream which works to smooth deep expression and lip lines.  Additionally, all of Skin2Skin’s anti-aging moisturizers are infused with the Bio-Identical Peptide Chronoline which functions as a line filler.  Skin2Skin natural skincare is infused with multiple smart active ingredients and over 200 essential nutritional substances in every anti-aging skin care product not relying on only a single vitamin or active substance. To be highly effective you have to have multiple smart and essential nutritional ingredients to stimulate, support, renew, and protect the skin’s dermis and epidermis and their components. Increasing the skin’s function and production of essential substances is key but protection from environmental stressors, inflammation, UVA, UVB and aging caused by infrared heat insult is of utmost importance as well.

Skinjectables is excited and proud to now offer several of Skin2Skin’s anti-aging reparative products.  Pop by or ring us for details..520.395.1245