Botox 102

Client: How do I know that I’m getting what I paid for?

KATIE: Botox treatment pricing is as varied clinic to clinic as the colors in a crayon box! Some clinics charge per area, others charge per syringe, while yet others charge per wrinkle, yikes! At Skinjectables, we charge by the unit of Botox so you only pay for what you require. Botox is available in a 100 or 50 unit vial from Allergan, so no matter the amount of saline a clinic uses to reconstitute their product, you should always ask how many units your treatment requires. This will standardize your treatments if you visit multiple clinics and thus you will always be able to determine how much you are paying per unit of Botox. The average is $10-$13 per unit in Tucson. The number of units typically required per area of the upper face is generally 15-25 units.